Image Credit

The image in our header is a detail from’ The entrance of Port Jackson and part of the town of Sydney, New South Wales’, drawn by Major James Taylor, engraved by R. Havell & Son, London, 1823, courtesy of the National Library of Australia, nla.pic-an5575513

This image is the first in a three part panoramic view of Sydney based on the c.1820 drawings of Major James Taylor of the 48th regiment. It was published in London in 1823  and also displayed as a 360 degree view at Barker & Burford’s Panorama Building in Leicester Square.

Drawn from a point on Observatory Hill, the panorama provided a rather idyllic view of Macquarie’s Sydney for its London audience.  In this detail, the laundry hangs out to dry as chooks feed in the yard, a kangaroo or wallaby wanders in the garden where exotic flowers grow, a man tends the vegetable garden behind the neat cottage where a lady talks to officers while further to the left convicts quarry sandstone for use in the construction of the colony’s new buildings.

Check the State Library of New South Wales’s website here and here for more information about one of their copies of the work. The Powerhouse Museum also holds a copy of the French edition which was published in 1824.


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