Hellenic Sydney

Evzones (Greek soldiers) who led the Greek Day march in Sydney, 28 February 1941, State Library of Victoria an016346

One of our new articles is about Sydney’s Greek communities, one of the largest and oldest groups in the city, with a venerable tradition and great pride.

Panayiotis Diamadis has written for us about the Hellenes of Sydney, who hailed from all over the Mediterranean, but traced their ancestry back to Greece. There’s been a long two-way traffic between Sydney and Greece, as well. The first Greek arrivals were convicts in 1829, later pardoned, who helped start the Camden vineyards. By the end of the nineteenth century, churches and social groups were being formed, and a thriving community was taking steps to protect its language and religious traditions.

This essay sets out the history of one of Sydney’s best known migrant communities, which has become an integral part of the modern city.


About Emma Grahame

Emma Grahame has been Editorial Coordinator of the Dictionary of Sydney since May 2007.
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One Response to Hellenic Sydney

  1. sammantha says:

    Is Newtown a community known for many Greeks?

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