Counting down

Posting has been a bit thin here at Looking up, because we are flat out getting the next rebuild of the Dictionary site ready. On Friday 25 November we close off changes and completely reconstruct the site, including 43 new articles totalling over 80,000 words, as well as thousands of new entities, descriptions, images, captions, facts and links.

This has been six months of work for the team, and very rewarding it is too — making sure that the painstaking work of our contributors is edited, connected and illustrated. We’ve researched the links between our articles, and created over 1500 new entities in the historical model.

On Friday we hand over to our colleagues at the University of Sydney’s Arts eResearch unit, to work their magic. Venceremos, guys!

So stay tuned — we hope the new Dictionary of Sydney will be online in early December, with new articles for us to highlight and take you into in coming months.


About Emma Grahame

Emma Grahame has been Editorial Coordinator of the Dictionary of Sydney since May 2007.
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One Response to Counting down

  1. Trudy says:

    good luck on the rewrite, Trudy

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