Watching the clock

Daylight saving starts again in New South Wales this long weekend which means on Sunday at 2am it will be time to synchronise our watches… so, that’s forward, right?

JH Roberts with mantle clock in the JC Williamson production of Fly Away Peter, 1949, photo by Hal Williamson, National Library of Australia nla.pic-vn3508945

Departures indicator board above entry barriers at Wynyard Railway Station, 27 August 1948 from State Records NSW 17420_a014_a014000658

GPO clock face being removed, Martin Place 14 June 1942, National Archives of Australia, C4078, N1914D

5 February 1941 Aboard HMAS Sydney CQMAR Saltmash checking the clocks which is a daily routine aboard ship, Australian War Memorial 005421

Tramwaymen (taken for "Century" newspaper), June 1938, from the Mitchell Library, SLNSW hood_17175 / Home & Away 17175

Topsy the pony in the auditorium at Waltons, 12 September 1955 by Ern McQuillan, Mitchell Library, SLNSW ap_00871 / APA 00871

Traffic flowing smoothly over Sydney Harbour Bridge, once the city's worst bottleneck. Two new lanes replacing the tram tracks on the east side, making eight in all, were opened on July 2, 1959, from the National Archives of Australia: A1200, L32700

The Sydney Trade Fare 1965, National Archives of Australia A1501, A6034/6

Citizenship Advice Bureau at Bankstown Square, 7 November 1966 by Curly Frazer, Mitchell Library, SLNSW d7_24410 / APA 24410

Patrons of the Northern Club Hotel toast introduction of 10 pm closing, 1 Feburary 1955 by Ern McQuillan, Mitchell Library, SLNSW d7_43404 / APA 43404

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